Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year has now begun. To read about our application process and to fill out an application, please click here.

Our Classroom:

Our classroom welcomes ages 4-5 years old with differentiated lessons to meet the needs of all ages and ability levels. This includes children who do not meet the "5 by September 1st" requirement (transitional kindergarten), and kindergarten students. Please visit our transitional kindergarten and alternative kindergarten program pages to learn more. All students must be fully potty-trained​​.

  • Pre-K

    • Must turn 4 by 9/1. Although unlikely, age cut off exceptions for students that turn 4 after this date may be made based on school readiness.

    • 4-year-olds are recommended​ to attend 3 days a week.

  • Transitional Kindergarten

    • Must turn 5 by 12/31
    • Must have successfully completed a pre-kindergarten (4yr old) program.
    • 5-year-olds are recommended to attend 5 days a week. 
  • Alternative Kindergarten 
    • Must turn 5 by 9/1
    • Alternative Kindergarten students must attend 5 days a week in order to meet MSDE kindergarten attendance requirements. 

*Fully potty-trained is defined by as children being able to go through the entire day without wetting or soiling themselves and not needing a diaper or pull-up at anytime during the day. The fully potty trained child is also completely independent for knowing when to go to the bathroom, and does not need assistance inside the bathroom such as getting on or off the potty, pulling pants up or down, redressing and wiping. If your child is determined by MCPKA to not be full potty-trained, then the MCPKA has the right to change enrollment status.

Classroom Photos: