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Q: Why Miss Cheyenne's Pre-K Academy?

A: Miss Cheyenne is a certified early childhood education teacher (pre-k-3rd grade) and ESOL teacher (pre-k-12th grade) with both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in education. Miss Cheyenne specifically designed our school to meet the kindergarten and first grade readiness requirements set forth by HCPSS. Families who choose MCPKA are looking for an intimate classroom setting with a low student-teacher ratio. They want their child to have a highly qualified teacher who is an expert in the field of early childhood education. MCPKA families appreciate the level of care and love that their child receives while at school. Registering at MCPKA is not just signing up for school, it means you are joining our family! Check out testimonials from current and past families here.

Q: What is your enrollment process?

A: You can read about our enrollment process here.

Q: How many classes are there?

A: At this time, we have one class which is a combination of Pre-K, TK, and K students. Although there are different ages within our classroom, this does not affect your child's learning. Students will be grouped by ability and receive individualized instruction that is tailored to their needs. We do not have infants or toddlers. 

Q: What happens with inclement weather?

A: When Howard County Public Schools is closed, closed early, or delayed for inclement weather, we will also be closed, closed early, or delayed. You are welcome to sign up for HCPSS alerts. However, you will be informed by 6:00am of any delays or closings (if possible). If for some reason there is scheduled inclement weather for the afternoon, we will be closed at 12:30pm. If there is inclement weather on a school day where HCPSS has a scheduled non-student day, Miss Cheyenne will make a decision based on the weather report. 

Q: Do you make up snow days or other weather related closings?

A: We do not make up missed school days.

Q: How long is the school year?

A: Please review our academic calendar for more information.

Q: What happens if I cannot arrive on time for arrival or dismissal?

A: Punctuality is very important and it is expected that parents are on time for both arrival and dismissal. Any late pick-up is subject to an additional fee. If you know you are going to be late, please let us know so we can help your child understand. Please also call an emergency contact pick up your child. Excessive tardiness will lead to removal from our school. Students will not be accepted before arrival time. 

Q: Can I pick my child up mid-day?

A: Absolutely! Please discuss early pick ups with Miss Cheyenne ahead of time to avoid disruption to our school day. Please note that we do not allow arrivals or dismissals during our quiet time.

Q: How can I best prepare my child for school?

A: Click here for information on how to best prepare your child for school. Also, if you anticipate that your child will have separation anxiety, click here and take a moment to read this post as well. 

Q: What will my child need to bring to school daily?

A: A packed lunch (already prepared to eat), water bottle (spill-safe lid), and a change of clothes (seasonally appropriate).

Q: Can I stay with my child on the first day?

A: To better help your child transition into school and build independence, we recommend that parents do not stay. There will be volunteer opportunities and school-day events during the year that will allow you to see what your child's day is like in school. 

Q: Do you offer lunch and/or snacks?

A: All lunches are to be provided by the parent and should be prepared to eat (no heating, cutting, peeling, etc.). Snacks are provided by MCPKA (unless a student has dietary restrictions or allergies). 

Q: Will my child be attending field trips or in-house trips during the school year?

A: Yes, we visit at least two field trips/in-house trips a year. These will be decided in the beginning of the school year. In order for a student to attend a field trip, at least one parent or guardian will be required to attend. If your child does not attend school on the day of the field trip, you and your child are welcome to meet us at the field trip location. 

Q: Will my child participate in specials?

A: Yes, we have specials on most Fridays of the month. You can review our academic calendar to see which specials are in our school.

Q: How do you monitor growth in academic areas?

A: Students are assessed informally daily, and more formally at the end of each quarter. 

Q: Do students receive report cards?

A: Yes, in addition to day-to-day communication, and conferences, your child will receive a quarterly report card.

Q: Are you certified in CPR and First Aid?

A: Yes, all staff receive training as required to maintain their CPR and First Aid certification.

Q: Do I need to let you know if my child will not be attending for the day?

A: Yes, please message Miss Cheyenne on Brightwheel before arrival time to let her know if your child will be absent and the reasoning for the absence. 

Q: Can you give my child their medication?

A: Miss Cheyenne is certified in medication administration. MSDE requirements are as follows:

  • Medical Authorization form must be completed in order for MCPKA to give any medication (this includes over-the-counter).

  • Students must receive the first dose of their medication at home and must remain home for 12-hours following receiving medication to ensure there are no adverse reactions to the medication.

  • Any medications that can be taken once or twice daily should be taken at home.

  • All medications must be provided in their original container. 

Q: Do I have to pay tuition while my child is ill or if we go on vacation?

A: Yes, tuition is due regardless of student attendance. Please review our academic calendar for dates of closure if you would like to schedule a vacation for during that time. 

Q: Can my child switch days to make up a missed day?

A: No, students will only be permitted to attend on their enrolled school days.

Q: What happens if my child gets hurt during school hours? 

A: The health and safety of every student is our school's top priority. Any accidents are reported in writing daily. If more urgent care is required, you would be contacted as soon as possible. 

Q: What happens if my child gets sick during the school day?

A: Any child that is sick will be required to be picked up immediately. Sick children are isolated from the rest of the students to prevent illness of other students.

Q: Can my child attend school after receiving shots?

A: After receiving shots, students must stay home for 24-hours. This includes the flu shot. It is recommended that children receive shots on Fridays to avoid missing school. Additionally, any students displaying side effects must stay home. 

Q: Do students have to be potty trained to attend?

A: We recognize that potty training is a developmental process and that children achieve it at different times. However, students must be able to go through the entire day without wetting or soiling themselves and without needing a pull-up at anytime during the day. The fully potty trained child is also completely independent for knowing when to go to the bathroom, and does not need assistance inside the bathroom such as getting on or off the potty, pulling pants up or down, redressing and wiping.  

Q: Do you transport students?

A: With the exception of an emergency, we do not transport children. We rely on parents/guardians to attend and assist with transportation for field trips or other off-site activities. 

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