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 COVID-19 Safety Practices

Miss Cheyenne is so excited to be able to welcome students back into the classroom! To closely follow guidance from MSDE, the CDC, and local and state health officials, we have made some changes to our daily practices. Our current health and safety practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Protective masks for students and adults.

  • Daily health screenings at arrival (temperature and symptom checks). Mid-day wellness checks will be conducted as well.

  • To avoid the spread of germs, parents and students will be greeted at the front door for arrival.

  • At arrival, and frequently throughout the day, students will be washing their hands with soap and water. Students will be monitored to ensure more thorough hand washing. Additionally, there is a 20-second timer located in the bathroom to assist students with appropriate hand washing intervals. 

  • The bathrooms will be cleaned frequently.

  • Tables, chairs, toys, learning materials, and other frequently used items and surfaces will be cleaned frequently.

  • Items that are difficult to clean have been removed from the classroom (ex: foam blocks, dress up, baby dolls). 

  • To reduce the use of communal materials, students will have their own supply box.

  • Field trips have been cancelled. The possibility of a fall/spring field trip will be assessed later in the school year.

  • A high-quality air purifier has been installed within the classroom to help prevent airborne germs. 

  • At this time, no visitors will be allowed in the classroom.

For additional questions, and to discuss in further detail, families can reach out to Miss Cheyenne. 

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