Please fill out a pre-registration form if you are interested in having your child attend summer school. Please note that filling out a pre-registration form does not guarantee enrollment. 

Get Ready for Kindergarten:

This program is for students entering kindergarten for the 2022-2023 school year. During this program, students will be working on important kindergarten-readiness skills in order to better prepare them for kindergarten. Some of these skills include:


Language Arts

Children should have knowledge of letters of the alphabet, letters in their name, letter sounds, reading comprehension skills, concepts of print such as: how to read a book, turn the pages, etc. During our program, we will be working on 4th quarter pre-kindergarten language arts standards and early kindergarten standards. These standards can be found here.



Children should have math skills and knowledge such as: oral counting, being able to count objects, identifying shapes, colors, and some numbers. During our program, we will be working on 4th quarter pre-kindergarten math standards and early kindergarten standards. These standards can be found here

Fine Motor Skills

Children need to practice fine motor skills by engaging in different activities in order to strengthen their fingers and hands. This will help them with writing throughout their elementary school career. Examples of activities that are used to improve fine motor skills: play-doh, stringing beads, tweezer activities, puzzles, etc.


The kindergarten classroom requires students to be able to work independently throughout different parts of the day. It is important that children have opportunities to try new things and do tasks on their own. Examples of activities to build independence are: packing and unpacking themselves, carrying their own belongings, dressing and undressing, and completing activities at independent workstations. Children also need to spend short amounts of time away from home and parents to help gain independence and work on building their stamina for the separation that full-day kindergarten requires. 


Although we do not expect children to be able to control themselves all the time, children at this age are developing self-control. They will need to be able to complete tasks such as sitting and listening for short periods of time during the school day, refrain from the impulse to hit or push when upset, and working to get along with peers. 

Days, Hours, and Tuition:

Dates: July 5th-August 11th, 2022

Hours: 8:30am-1:00pm

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Cost: $800

Registration Fee: $125

Program Requirements:

Students must turn 5 by September 1st, 2022 and must be fully potty-trained.** 

Daily Schedule:

  • 8:30 Arrival***

    • The children are greeted as they come in. They hang up their backpacks, and unpack their daily folder. (Note: Late arrivals cause disruption to our school day. All students are expected to be on time and arrive at 8:30am. Students who are continuously late will be dismissed from the program)

  • 8:30-8:50 Table Time

    • Table time consists of simple activities, which allow the children to transition into their school day. They will sit at a table and do an independent activity such as: puzzles, art, play-doh, Legos, learning games, literacy station, science station, math station, etc.

  • 8:50-9:05 Circle Time

    • Circle time is the beginning of our instruction. The children will sit with Miss Cheyenne on the carpet and do several of the same activities on a daily basis. This will help the children to develop a comfortable routine. Circle time will include: the pledge, calendar, weather, attendance, and songs.

  •  9:05-10:05 Language Arts 

    • Language arts is a mix of whole group, small group, one-on-one, and independent activities. During small group and one-on-one sessions, lessons are targeted to meet their individual goals and needs. Language arts includes: themed hands-on lessons in reading, writing, and other important foundational skills. 

  •  10:05-11:00 Movement/Outdoor Play 

    • Weather permitting, we will play outside every day. Children should wear comfortable shoes that are good for running and climbing.  Flip-flops and sandals are not recommended as they often cause injury on the playground. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately when coming to school for outdoor play. If the weather does not permit outside play, we will have music and movement inside along with free-play time.

  • 11:00-11:30 Lunch & Independent Reading Time

    • During this time, the children will be hanging up their belongings after playing outside, using the bathroom if needed, and washing their hands before eating. We all sit down for lunch, socializing and eating together. When finished, the children are expected to clean up after themselves. As they finish, they are expected to clean up after themselves and then begin their independent reading time.

      • NoteStudents must bring a parent provided packed lunch daily (please pack a cool pack in their lunch). All lunches must be ready-to-eat (no cutting, prepping, or cooking).

  •  11:30-12:15 Math 

    • Math is a mix of whole group, small group, one-on-one, and independent activities. During small group and one-on-one sessions, lessons are targeted to meet their individual goals and needs. Math includes many themed hands-on activities to build a strong foundation in mathematics. 

  •  12:15-12:50 Pack-Up and Learning Centers

    • The Children will learn to pack their belongings independently beginning the first day of school. This includes: putting their school work in their folder, packing up their folder, and zipping up their backpack. 

    • Learning centers are activities located in specific areas of the classroom. Some learning centers are independent activities, while others are small group activities or activities completed with a teacher. This will include: writing center, science center, reading center, math center, dramatic play center, block center, arts & crafts center, sensory center, puzzles and game center, etc. Learning centers focus on at least one developmental area. For example:

      • Block Center: children are using the muscles in their hands and bodies, developing hand-eye coordination, practicing problem solving skills, thinking creatively, and developing oral language and communication skills.

      • Science Center: asking questions and defining problems, making predictions based on observations, exploring and investigating, making and recording observations, acquiring scientific vocabulary, developing inquiry skills.  

  •  12:50-12:55 Clean Up & Prepare for Dismissal

    • At this time, children will begin cleaning up and getting their belongings as they prepare for the end of the school day.

  • 1:00 Closed

    • MCPKA is CLOSED at 1:00pm. As punctually is important, all students are expected to be picked up at this time. Students that are continuously picked up late will be dismissed from the program without any refunds.

Summer Program Q&A:

Q: Can my child attend for extended hours?

A: Miss Cheyenne's Pre-K Academy is unable to accommodate extended hours. Get Ready for Kindergarten will be from 8:30am-1:00pm.

Q: How do I secure my child's spot?

A: In order to secure your child's spot, you will need to pay a non-refundable registration fee, and a non-refundable enrollment deposit which secures your child's spot in the program. The balance of tuition for the summer program is due before the first day. In addition, registration forms and an application must be completed prior to the first day of school.

Q: What all is required for my child to attend on the first day?

A: A signed contract, completed registration forms, registration fee, and 100% paid tuition. If your child attended pre-kindergarten, please forward a copy of their 4th quarter report card. 

Q: My child has already attended pre-kindergarten, would your program still be beneficial?

A: Yes! Get Ready for Kindergarten is for children who have received pre-kindergarten instruction. Lessons are differentiated based on their ability levels. Miss Cheyenne will assess your child upon entry and provide lessons based on his/her needs. 

Q: I planned a vacation during part of the summer program, can my child still attend?

A: Yes. Although Get Ready for Kindergarten is a consecutive program, Miss Cheyenne understands that many plan vacations over the summer and some days might be missed. Please note that tuition reductions and reimbursements will not be issued for students who do not attend the full program. 

Q: What will my child need to bring to school daily?

A: A full change of clothes, a backpack (regular size for folders and change of clothes), a spill-safe water bottle (cleaned daily), a face mask, lunch, and daily appropriate clothing for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Q: Will I be able to stay with my child for the program?

A: As we are preparing children for the demands of kindergarten, we find it best that parents do not stay. 

Q: What if I cannot arrive on time to pick up my child?

A: Please contact Miss Cheyenne immediately if you know you will not be able to arrive on time. Emergency contacts should be contacted so that your child is not picked up late. Children picked up after 1:00pm will be charged a late fee of $2 per minute. The late fee is due immediately upon pick-up. Excessive tardiness will lead to dismissal without a refund. 

Q: Will there be a summer program offered for preschool (3-year-olds) or pre-kindergarten (4-year-olds) students?

A: No, our summer school program is for entering kindergarten students only. 

Please contact Miss Cheyenne with any further questions about this program.

*Tuition is due regardless of student attendance.​ 

**Fully potty-trained is defined by as children being able to go through the entire day without wetting or soiling themselves and not needing a diaper or pull-up at anytime during the day. The fully potty trained child is also completely independent for knowing when to go to the bathroom, and does not need assistance inside the bathroom such as getting on or off the potty, pulling pants up or down, redressing and wiping. If your child is determined to not be full potty-trained by Miss Cheyenne's Pre-K Academy, LLC (MCPKA), then MCPKA has the right to change enrollment status without a refund.

***Arrival time is at 8:30am and children are expected to be on time. Late arrivals cause disruptions to the school day. Students who are continuously late will be dismissed from the program. There will not be tuition reimbursements or discounts for days missed due to late arrival.