Family Information

Intent to Return:

  • 2021-2022 school year, Miss Cheyenne will be offering the following programs:

    • Transitional Kindergarten (5 by 12/31)

    • Alternative Kindergarten (5 by 9/1) – students will be eligible to attend 1st grade the following school year.

    • If you are interested in having your child re-enroll for next fall, please fill out the Intent-to-Return form here. 

  • Summer School 2021

    • Please complete the following form here to share whether or not you would like to have your child enrolled for the summer program. After currently enrolled families have made their selection, all remaining available spots will be offered to those on the waitlist.

      • Tuition: $650

      • Registration: N/A ($100 registration fee is waived for currently enrolled students)

      • Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

      • Hours: 8:30am-12:30pm

      • Dates: July 5th-August 13th, 2021

HCPSS Kindergarten Enrollment Information:

  • If you are planning to enroll your child in public kindergarten with HCPSS, here is the latest information on Kindergarten registration: 

    • Kindergarten Registration kicks off March 8-15.

    • The Getting Ready for Kindergarten page from HCPSS can be accessed here.

Weekly Newsletters:


March 1st-5th

March 8th-12th

March 15th-19th

March 22nd-26th

March 29th-April 2nd

--- Spring Break (April 2nd-9th) ---

April 12th-16th

April 19th-23rd

April 26th-30th

May 3rd-7th

May 10th-14th

May 17th-21st

May 24th-28th

May 31st-4th

June 7th-11th 

Upcoming Events:​​​​​


  • Virtual Farm Field Trip:

    • ​We will enjoy a virtual farm field trip on Friday, March 5th! 

      • We will learn about different animals on the farm.​

      • Learn about the role of the farmer.

      • Learn about some farm equipment.

      • After our virtual field trip as has ended, we will have a special (not alive) farm animal join us so that we can all practice being farmers and taking care of the animal. 

      • Please feel free to dress up your child up as a farmer!

Class Phonebook:


Handbook, Policies, and Procedures:

Supply List:
  • Lunch: Children should bring a packed and ready to eat lunch daily. There is a refrigerator available if necessary. Milk and water will be available during lunch time, but students are welcome to bring alternative drinks. Sodas or drinks with dye such as: kool-aid are not permitted. Lunches can be brought in disposable bags, or in a lunchbox. If supplying a daily lunchbox, please clean daily at home before returning to school the next day. 

    • Click here for some lunch suggestions.

  • Change of Clothes: Please send a change of clothes including socks, shoes, and underwear. These will be kept in your child's backpack. Change out as the season changes or your child outgrows them. As accidents occur, we will work with your child to clean themselves up. Messy clothes will be placed in a plastic bag and sent home in the backpack. It is important that you check the bags each night and send a change of clothes with the child the next day as necessary.

  • Small backpack/tote: To fit folders and change of clothes. Absolutely no toys from home. 

  • Sleeping materials: MCPKA will provide sleeping mats for all students, however, students are required to bring sleeping materials for rest time. This includes a small pillow and a blanket. These items must fit in your child's drawer. Due to limited space, oversized items that do not fit in the drawer will not be accepted. Special dolls or teddy bears are not permitted. Sleeping materials should be brought home weekly and washed to help reduce the spread of germs. 

  • Water bottle (spill-safe lid): Please be sure to wash daily at home before returning to school the next day. 

  • Pencil box (labeled with your child's name): this is to hold art materials to reduce communal sharing of items. 

    • Only the pencil box needs to be supplied, Miss Cheyenne will supply all other materials.​

    • Pencil box recommendations:

  • Thermometer: This will be used and kept by the parent only to do a temperature check at arrival. If you are having trouble finding a working thermometer in stores, I recommend checking Amazon. They typically have a variety in stock. 

  • Face mask (please provide spares in your child's backpack). 

Reading Program:

We start our reading program the first week of school! This program introduces your child to letters and sounds. We start with one letter and sound at a time, but not in alphabetical order. This program is taught Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. 


After each lesson, your child will bring home an alphabet piece. When you see these pieces come home, you can help your child at home by doing the following:

  • Ask (if they don't know, you can help them!):

    • What letter is this?

    • What sound does it make?

    • Can you think of a word that starts with that sound?

  • Go around your home and point out words that start with that sound.

  • Use the CD sent home to review that letter and sound.

  • We want this to be fun, so give your child lots of praise.


Once your child is ready, they will start reading books. These books are for you to keep, so please do not send them back to school. Books will come home as your child learns to read them. In addition, please also keep the CD at home, you do not need to return it to school. The songs can also be found on YouTube here or on you can download them from their website here.


Once your child is bringing books home, you should practice reading this book for 5-10 minutes each night until the next book is sent home. Books will continue to be sent home one at a time as your child progresses.


Helpful Tips:

  • Use lots of positive reinforcement.

  • Don’t put pressure on your child. Each child is different and will progress differently. Some of the children will be reading books soon, others will take longer – that’s OK!

  • I will read with your child individually at least 1 time each week, so they can move at their own pace.

  • It is very important that you practice at home.


What We Are Working Towards:

Please review our weekly newsletters to see what math and language arts standards we are working towards in small groups. Please note that math and language arts standards will be modified as needed for each individual student (ex: if the objective states that we are counting to 10, some students may be working on counting to 5, whereas others may be working on counting to 20 or higher). 

Field Trip/in-house trips(s):
  • Our fall field trip has been cancelled due to COVID-19

  • Our spring field trip will be virtual.

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